Finding a Speeding Solicitor to Represent Those Accused of Speeding

Speed cameras are the bane of the lives of many motorists and given their continued dominance; it is no surprise that so many people end up committing an offence. Indeed, according to home office statistics, speeding crimes committed on roads have increased by an ever hiking percentage in the last 15 years from a majority of the records belonging to speeding solicitors.

Nonetheless, if you are under accusations of a speeding offence that you wish to challenge, the bottom line is that several key points must be evident by the prosecution. They (complainants) must show that the camera is one approved by the secretary of state, that it was operating correctly on the day of the offence and that the road was subject to a speed limit. They will also need to prove the identity of the make, index number and speed of the vehicle, in addition to the status of the person driving.

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