boot liner for dogs

A boot liner is a simple piece of material that is used to cover the Boot space before you place anything in the boot. It is used largely to protect the booth from being damaged by whatever is being ferried in it. For
protection purposes, it protects the boot against smears and scratches. This usually end up costing you several dollars monthly in professional cleaning services.

In the case of a boot liner for dogs, you get to avoid the inconvenience that comes with having wet dogs on your boot, their muddy paws especially when coming from a walk. You also avoid any smears and spills staining the boot room and furs being spread all over your car. A good boot liner for dogs does not just protect the car, but also ensures the dogs are comfortable in the boot even for long distances without developing soreness.

Types of Boot liner for dogs
1. Universal boot liners – these are cheapest option in the market and consist of bags lined up by affordable fabric. They are designed to fit any car but they are not an ideal long term solution. This is because, the material easily wears out and is also susceptible to scratches.

2. Rigid boot liner- these are made from quality material and are usually sturdy enough for the protection of the boot floor. Their shortcoming is at protecting the sides of the boot since they do not rise that high. Unless you have other covering or improvise a solutions, your sides could be scratched by the dog especially if it is big and restless.

3. Tailored or custom boot liner- these are the expensive option in the market but offer comprehensive protection. They are customized to fit the boot of any car elegantly and are usually made from durable material. They cover the whole car surface making them the best long term investment.

What to look for in a boot liner for dogs
1. Easy to maintain- this is the first feature to consider since you do not want to be faced with heavy cleaning work. It should allow simple vacuuming or be easily wiped clean or washed clean.

2. Non-slip – this is important for the comfort of your dog. Ideally, the boot liner should come with a textured surface to protect the dog from slipping and falling as it jumps in and out of the car. If the front or hind legs slide in motion, the dog can sustain serious injury.

3. A bumper guard- this is an essential feature that protects the bumper from being scratched by the dog’s paws as it gets in and out of the boot. It also provides protection from scratching when loading heavy objects into the boot.

4. Size and shape- if you are not getting a tailored boot guard, it is essential that you get your measurements right. You should get a liner that also easily matches the shape of your car’s boot. It is necessary to try one out before purchasing unless you are sure of the dimensions.

5. Material- the material used determines the durability and other features such as water and odor resistance. Thing and rugged synthetic materials are the best as they also offer resistance against
scratching by the dogs.