self publishing

The number of people self-publishing has continued to increase, with most of it being attributed to technology. There are many tools out there you can use in every step of the way to ensure your dream of writing a book comes to fruition. Gone are the days when you had to bother yourself trying to find an agent or traditional publishing contract. Many people out there don’t want to go through the process of traditional publishing, making self-publishing an attractive option. There are benefits you can expect to get from self publishing. Some of the benefits you can expect include;

Following your own timeline
With traditional publishing will need to have a Zen-like level of patience. You will need a couple of months to query agents. Once you are done acquiring an agent, he/she will need to find a publisher for you, which takes more time. Once you get a publisher, you will follow the timeline of the publishing house which can be one, two, or even three years. After going through all this, there is no guarantee that you will get a book deal. JK Rowling was rejected by dozen publishers before she got published. It is motivating to know you can see a print within a couple of months.

Controlling your story and platform
When you get picked by a publishing house, you are also signing over the rights to your book. There is a possibility that the editor can make changes you don’t want’s” and even the title. If you hire your own editor, you have the freedom to decide where the line is drawn because it is still your book. You will have the freedom to choose the cover of your book, the pricing, and where it is distributed. This is one of the reasons why writers have turned to self-publishing.

Higher royalties
Self publishing will cost you less than half in royalties compared to a publishing house that takes more 85% and the agents take a big percentage of what is left, leaving you to depend on other means of payment such as advances and flat rates. It is better to get half of the royalty than getting peanuts from publishing houses.

Marketing is up to you
You will still have to market your own work whether you choose a publishing house or self-publishing. There are times when the publishing house will come in to help with PR and reviews, but this will vary. You will also need to market yourself well to impress a publishing house enough to pick you up.

The time is right
We are in the age where you have a chance of making it big even if you self-publish. There are many different platforms to sell your books, and you don’t even have to be in a bookstore to be successful.

There are a lot of resources online to help you throughout the process. You can easily have your book up in a couple of months.