Web design trends we can expect to see in 2017

Just like other trends, web design is also promising to unleash great ideas for 2017. Below are some of the great trends to expect in web design for 2017. Great web design is pointless if nobody can find the website to even look at it, SEO Liverpool are experts at getting your website seen.

Reduced Homepage Tweaks And More Emphasis On Landing Pages:

In time past, most websites tend to share their main content via the homepage. However, more concentration will be placed on landing pages in 2017. With a dedicated landing page, a website will be able to attract more traffic and share great content as required.

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Important Points to Ponder in Voice Overs

Everything is already set – the script, idea and scenario. Now, what you need is the right voice over. Selecting the best people may be quite a challenge these days because there are so many voice overs to choose from in the market. Even the gender you are to pursue is a struggle too. It should not be. Deciding whether you want a male or a female voice over should be well and fine. For whatever it is worth, make sure you stick to the right talent. If not, there is a big possibility for your message to be altered. Of course, you would not want your effectiveness, consistency and clarity to compromise.