luxury lighting

As the economy shows signs of improvement, there are consumers who are looking for different ways to add a touch of style and luxury to their current space. Although making an investment in lighting fixtures may not seem like an ideal way to accomplish this, luxury lighting can help create different moods in your home to make it feel cozier and more elegant.

Most people are not aware of how the light that is emitted from their light fixtures can affect them. However, most agree that bright and sunny days make them feel good, while gloomy and cloudy days can make them feel unmotivated.

That being said, it is important to have the proper lighting in your home. Having the right luxury lighting is one splurge that many people can afford, but do not realize they need it.

Get A Dimmer Switch

It may be a wise investment to purchase dimmer switches for different rooms in your home. Some places to include these switches are:

  • Living room
  • Dining room
  • Kitchen
  • Bedroom

If you choose, you can add dimmer lights to other areas of your home like a home office, guest bedroom, game room, bathroom or den. Make sure that the rooms that have dimmer lights installed have light fixtures that can use these dimmer switches. There are some light fixtures on the market that do not have the capabilities to do this.

Have A Variety Of Light Fixtures In Each Room

If you do not have different types of lighting in a room, it can be difficult to change the mood of the room. For example, in your living room you may want to have a floor lamp, accent lights, track lights and table lamps. This way you will be able to adjust the lighting in the room whenever you want to.

Apply this concept to every room in your house. It is impossible to create lighting for different moods if you do not have different types of lighting already installed.

Pay Attention To Color Temperature Of Bulbs

When trying to create a lighting mood for any room in your home, always check the color temperature of the light bulbs. There are some light bulbs that may give off an unflattering light. This does not mean that you will not be able to find CFL light bulbs that have the right temperature color.

Always look for light bulbs that are labeled ‘color balanced’ or ‘full spectrum‘. These are the ones that will emit light that is desirable in the interior areas of your home. However, before you make an investment in any light bulb, make sure it will work with the light fixtures that are already installed in your home.

Keep in mind that lighting is not perfect science. When you are selecting luxury lighting for your home, remember that is lighting is subjective. As you get older, your lighting needs may change, and you will need to be able to easily make the necessary adjustments.