The Free Boiler Scheme won’t leave you out in the cold

In order to save our planet from the harmful effects of global warming, Britain’s government has set itself a target to emit 80% less dangerous gases in 2050 than in 1990. To reach this goal, the government introduced the Energy Company Obligation Scheme. According to this scheme, the biggest energy companies in the UK, the Big Six, are forced by law to improve the energy efficiency of the homes of certain people. And this is where the boiler comes in.

Boilers eight years and older have become inefficient and are burning a lot of fuel to run. This causes carbon dioxide emissions, which contributes to global warming. Because these old boilers use so much fuel to burn, it also leads to high electricity bills. The energy companies are legally obliged to fund the replacement of boilers of those who meet certain requirements. This initiative is known as the Free Boiler Scheme. And yes, you could get a boiler for free.

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