In order to save our planet from the harmful effects of global warming, Britain’s government has set itself a target to emit 80% less dangerous gases in 2050 than in 1990. To reach this goal, the government introduced the Energy Company Obligation Scheme. According to this scheme, the biggest energy companies in the UK, the Big Six, are forced by law to improve the energy efficiency of the homes of certain people. And this is where the boiler comes in.

Boilers eight years and older have become inefficient and are burning a lot of fuel to run. This causes carbon dioxide emissions, which contributes to global warming. Because these old boilers use so much fuel to burn, it also leads to high electricity bills. The energy companies are legally obliged to fund the replacement of boilers of those who meet certain requirements. This initiative is known as the Free Boiler Scheme. And yes, you could get a boiler for free.

Thanks to ever-improving technology, the boilers that are manufactured today are more energy efficient and do not emit as much greenhouse gases like the old ones. The UK government wants to replace old, inefficient boilers with new, energy-smart models. Unfortunately, not everybody is able to buy a new, expensive boiler.

This is why the government decided to force the energy companies to provide free boilers to people who qualify. Millions of people have already benefitted from this free boiler scheme, and many more could still apply.

The free boiler scheme is aimed at vulnerable people and people with a low income who cannot afford to replace a boiler. People eligible to apply for free boilers are single parents, pensioners, landlords and tenants.

Single parents, with only one income, are always struggling to make ends meet. If a single parent is earning less than £16,010 and receives certain tax credits and benefits, he or she could qualify.

The elderly, who receive Pension Credit, can also apply. This does not include those who receive a standard state pension.

The landlord of a property with a tenant that receives an income and benefits of the correct combination, can also qualify for the free boiler scheme. Likewise, a tenant who privately rents a property and receives the correct combination of income-related benefits, can apply to have an old boiler replaced.

People in receipt of different tax credits and benefits can apply. To see if you will qualify to benefit from the Free Boiler Scheme, visit the free boiler grants site and apply to find out if you qualify.