Just like other trends, web design is also promising to unleash great ideas for 2017. Below are some of the great trends to expect in web design for 2017. Great web design is pointless if nobody can find the website to even look at it, SEO Liverpool are experts at getting your website seen.

Reduced Homepage Tweaks And More Emphasis On Landing Pages:

In time past, most websites tend to share their main content via the homepage. However, more concentration will be placed on landing pages in 2017. With a dedicated landing page, a website will be able to attract more traffic and share great content as required.

Flat Design Comes To An End:

While flat designs have reached a breaking point of change, the New Year is promising for the web design world. This is because creativity and personality will be added to the way flat designs are created. With a unique approach of creating flat designs, you will discover that website will start to look different from each other.


One of the wisest ways to communicate with a website is by using microinteractions. Microinteractions can be found in scrolling effects, click animations and hovers. In 2017, web designers will be taking a new approach in flat designs by making certain elements on a website highly interactive.

Geometric Patterns, Lines, And Shapes:

To be factual, geometric patterns, lines and shapes have been used by many web designers in time past. However, this trend is promising and will continue to be used in 2017. With geometric shapes in a website, you may also help to make your visitors more interactive.

Duotone Gradient Visual Feature:

With duotone gradient graphics and imagery, a website will be able to portray a given brand effectively. You can use duotone imagery and other features to help boost the functionality of your website. Duotone imagery coupled with certain colours will give your website a new look.

Using More Hand-drawn Features:

Hand drawn elements are fast becoming a new trend to boost the layout and functionality of a website. These elements can come as buttons, graphics, icons, fonts and other items. These elements will help to bring a new touch to your website.

Navigation Features:

It is clear that more people are now using mobile devices to access websites, products and other items online than on PCs. Remember that a website that is not easily accessible will simply annoy an online user. For this reason, making a website navigation system easier will be in vogue in 2017.

More Usage Of GIFs And Animations:

Animations are highly productive if you want to show web visitors how a given product works. This trend is quickly gaining a great momentum more than you can ever imagine. Web visitors are inquisitive to knowing how certain products work. GIFs and animations will be widely used in 2017 to make the process easy. For this reason, designers are beginning to increase their skills on how to use CSS and SVG to create more animations for website use.

Creative Heading Designs:

Websites have started using more creative heading designs to help prospective visitors capture the true message of the content. Creative headings will also help to change how visitors approach the content on a website. This will also become a great web design trend that you need to apply to your website in 2017.