refrigerated courier services

We live in a world where we expect food and fresh produce to be available 24 hours a day 7 days a week. If it isn’t we become dissatisfied. So how does that fresh produce reach the supermarket shelves in a state that looks like it just left the farm?

The key to that is logistics. PDQ cold call refrigerated courier services allow for the cold chain to be maintained.

If there is one thing that allows the modern supermarket chain to operate efficiently it is the delivery of fresh produce. That produce ranges from vegetables to meat and if that cold chain is interrupted in any way it means losses for both producer and the receiver of the goods.

There are however considerations when selecting a refrigerated courier service that should be taken into consideration.

Firstly there is the cold chain. this is the journey that goods have to take from the point of origin to the shelves where people purchase them. Every single consumer wants to be assured that the goods they purchase are fresh and of the highest quality.

In order to make sure of this supermarkets and other retailers must be assured that their selection of the appropriate refrigerated courier services provider is correct.


How do they do this?
The distance between supplier and retailer in 2017 is simply no the same as was a generation ago. The world has changed.

Today temperature maintenance has become as important as hygiene. Both are essential in order to ensure that products are delivered to retailers in a state that will allow the general public access to great tasting and – even more importantly healthy produce.

So why does the choice of a refrigerated courier service make that much difference to the retailer? Aside from the fact that they will exposed to legal issues if their products are sub standard they also rely on customer loyalty in order to flourish in an increasingly competitive retail environment.

The section of that all important provider who can assure them that the cold chain is being maintained is one of the most important parts of their supplier chain and relationships. If that chain is broken they run the risk of customer migration to another retail chain. And once that rust between customer and supplier id broken it is not easily repaired.

So what should the retail client be looking for from their pdq cold cold refrigerated courier services?

State of the art vehicles supplied by a global leader. A fleet that is maintained either in house or by a leader in the industry. A track record of excellence.Vehicles that are able to manage that cold chain even in the event of any breakdown (any vehicle should be able to keep a stable temperature for at least two hours even in the event of s refrigeration malfunction).

And perhaps most importantly of all each and every employee of that company must be 100% dedicated to the highest levels of customer service so that the client can always have the peace of mind of knowing they have a partner they can rely on.