BS5837 tree survey

Those in the planning and development business know that BS5837 tree survey comes into effect if your development site has trees on or adjacent to it. While the core value behind the survey is based on tree conservation, the term BS5837 tree survey can cause considerable confusion to the uninitiated.

What is a BS5837 Tree Survey?
BS5837 tree survey is essentially tree quality assessment. BS5837 tree survey is the British Standard for gathering useful information on the trees on private or public property. This tree survey provides comprehensive information on a wide variety of tress with the ultimate goal of facilitating decision making process. The tree survey will reveal such information as the name, age, and physical measurement of the trees. BS5837 tree survey also recommends actions based upon the results gathered.

How the BS5837 Tree Survey Reveals Valuable Information
While the main goal of the survey is to protect valuable species of trees from being accidentally cut off, it can also reveal important information for the property owners. Identification and preservation of valuable trees can give property owners the dual satisfaction of increased property value and working with environmental responsibility.

The survey also allows the landscape designer to incorporate the already planted trees into his design for the renovations. This would result in the property being developed more aesthetically. Moreover, the BS5837 tree survey also reveals the health of each tree and helps take precautions against any future hazards.

Who Can Conduct a BS5837 Tree Survey?
Needless to say this is a job for the professionals only. BS5837 tree survey should only be conducted by trained and qualified arborist. This is because an arborist will have full command over the proper procedure and be able to present the results in an easy to understand manner.

How much does a BS5837 tree survey cost?
The cost of a BS5837 tree survey will vary depending upon the various factors chief of them being your choice of the arborist and the size of your property. Whether you decide to go with an individual or a firm, you will be offered various rates and it is crucial to do your research before making your decision. It goes without saying that the larger your property the higher would be the cost, both in terms of time and money.

This type of tree survey is deemed so essential in some locations that conducting the survey is mandatory for all development projects. Whether trees are a vital concern in your neighbourhood or not, many local planning authorities require BS5837 tree survey to even consider development applications. It is a good exercise to familiarise yourself with all that this exercise would entail as it is highly likely that the actual work will start only after the survey.